Much ado about scripting, Linux & Eclipse: card subject to change


Alice in Change

Still more changes & news to report:

  • With the explosion of new projects and components in Modeling, do you find installing all your bits to be increasingly a bit of a chore, even with Update Manager? Then come check out the Modeling Amalgamation Project proposal review tomorrow @ 1500 UTC!
  • Are you textually active? The drop by the Textual Modeling Framework proposal review, also tomorrow @ 1500 UTC!
  • Ever wondered why the EMF project uses Bugzilla's ASSIGNED state to mean "fix in CVS", and RESOLVED:FIXED to mean "fix available in a build?" Wonder no more. We've switched to a more logical workflow, using RESOLVED:FIXED and VERIFIED:FIXED and silently moved all the old bugs to VERIFIED to help with cleaner queries. For details, see bug 206558.