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Show Me, Don't Tell Me

Wow. My Grade 9 English teacher continues to be right. She was the first person to tell me "Show Me, Don't Tell Me," in the context of writing essays and debating issues.

Looking for a good recap of 2007 (which includes a bit of well-deserved bashing of Microsoft for Vista and Sony for the PS3), I found this article contrasting religion and atheism, and how to achieve common ground between the two camps. It concludes with 'Lead by Example', which is really just 'Show Me, Don't Preach At Tell Me."

So, while I don't have a lot of opportunities to run afoul of zealots (other than those in my immediate family, I suppose), I'm adding 'be more tolerant of others' beliefs' and 'lead by example' to my 2008 resolutions. Well, that and to get off my butt and get biking more.