Much ado about scripting, Linux & Eclipse: card subject to change


Dash Athena: More Ant, More Tests, More Repos!

  • Infrastructure Changes
  • Cross-Platform / Ease of Use
  • bug 295670 Support running JUnit tests run from Ant script instead of Bash - tests can now be run on Linux and Windows (and to a lesser extent on Mac OSX) using new testLocal build step
  • Bug Fixes
  • bug 292486 Allow builds to fail if unit tests fail using failBuildIfTestFailuresOrErrors=true
  • bug 294678 Categories don't show up with IBM 1.6 JDK - implemented workaround so a different JDK can be used for p2 operations than for compilation of sources: use PACK200_JAVA_HOME=/path/to/different/JDK
  • bug 295773 Non-incubating projects no longer need to set "incubation=" in their
  • bug 292235 Included pre-compiled binary features/plugins are now included by default using PDE's runPackager property; can disable this behaviour with packageFeaturesIncludedBinaries=false
  • Documentation
  • Testing - Different ways to run or re-run tests, including as a secondary process after a build (so they can be run on a different platform or by a different user)
p2 does not natively support remote repo zips; to workaround this the zip is fetched and the URL is rewritten from http://path/to/ to jar:file:/tmp/path/!/

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