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vim scripting: replacing timestamps

After weeks of manually updating compositeArtifacts.xml and compositeContent.xml files' timestamps using `date +%s000`, I finally snapped and went looking for a better way.

Using the Vim Tips wiki as inspiration, I cobbled together this keymapped string replacement function for use in Vim:

" add this to your ~/.vimrc file, then type '\ts' to update timestamp to current
fun! ReplaceTimestamp()
   let tstamp = strftime("%s000")
   exe ":%s#<property name='p2.timestamp' value='[0-9]\\+'/>#<property name='p2.timestamp' value='" . tstamp . "'/>#g"
   echo "New time: " . tstamp
nnoremap <Leader>ts :call ReplaceTimestamp()<CR>