Much ado about scripting, Linux & Eclipse: card subject to change


Building Change

Seems everyone's talking about change these days. Hell, people are even ranting about the way media is changing.

But real issues aside, in part two of this series, I'd like to briefly mention two changes happening closer to home, here in releng-land:

  • EMF, SDO, and XSD are now being packaged a little differently. Consider this a little social experiment to see who, if anyone, still uses zips to get their downloads, rather than using Update Manager. Do you like the new "sourcedoc" zips? Feel free to let us know what you think (here, on IRC in #eclipse-modeling, or in the newsgroups).
  • GEF is now being built by the Common Modeling Build, the first (of many, I'm sure) projects to come over to the dark side. Will DSDP or VE be next? Time will tell.


Ian Bull said...

I wondered this too, until yesterday when I showed someone EMF. It turns out that their 3.3.1 Eclipse install has no update sites listed, and they are not able to add any.... I didn't believe them, so I had them D/L a new Eclipse (classic version) and install it in a clean directory... same thing!

So at least one person uses Zips :-)

nickb said...

Next time you could try a Policy File to force their Eclipse to update from the EMF Update Site.

Ian Bull said...

Sure, he is actually our new PhD student in model driven engineering, so I can try some thing out Monday if you like.

I didn't worry about it too much because all this update stuff will probably change with the new provisioning effort.