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The JBoss Developers' Song

Hey! Guess what?

JBoss Tools 4.0 and JBoss Developer Studio 6.0 are available today. So... a quick tune in tribute to all the hard-working people who made it happen.

Who squashes bugs users have found?
Who keeps the unresolved count down?
We do! We do!

Who answers to the Will of Max?

Who deals with all of the PEBCAKs?

We do! We do!

Who closed/resolved a thousand bugs?

Who attends all of those JBUGs?

We do! We do!

Who fills more roles than Tom Hanks?

Who gets the top Marketplace ranks? 1

We do! We do!

1 - As of 2012/12/07, JBoss Tools + JBoss Developer Studio successful Eclipse Marketplace installs for Helios, Indigo, and Juno total over 141,000. SpringIDE and Spring Tool Suite installs total over 163,000. This puts us #5 behind only Maven, Subclipse, Subversive, and Spring.