Much ado about scripting, Linux & Eclipse: card subject to change


Time for M4

Ganymede M4 is out tomorrow! Get your red hots bits here (or here)!

There's no profit out in Portland but they're making up Gany
With long division and an update site
It's easy enough to be used by your granny
And it's out tomorrow night

C'mon people time to give us a hand here
You're Eclipse's working corps
(Can this be what you voted for?)

Time for M4 [x2]
Nothing like Four On The Floor
Time for M4 [x2]

It's an urgent fest of test
Declining bugs

Use the force and ya'll try it out
Th'Eclipse economy is making new jobs
You're the people who benefit most
So give a little to your benevolent hosts

Does open source steal from the rich to give to the poor?
Who cares about that - come get some M4!
And new provisioning tech to explore

Come get some 4 [x2]
Better than going to war
Come get some 4 [x2]

It's an urgent fest of test
Declining bugs

We've got to kill 'em and close 'em
Before the API freeze
Squash some bad bugs
Let 'em bleed from their knees
Give a few dollars to the people who sweat
Source is open or closed - which would you rather get?

At a job site the boss is god like
Conditioned workhorses code into the night
Seasoned vets with their feet in nets
A stones throw away from a cock fight
But not tonight: feed a patch

You'd like another add-on? (feed a patch)
Cause it's the finest in the nation? (feed a patch)
Well there's no time left to add that
When it's scope creep or it's plan

Install M4 [x2]
Better'n releases of yore
Install M4 [x2]

It's an urgent fest of test

Bad Religion - Let Them Eat War