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Ganymede Poster Contest

Attention all Photoshop geeks and movie lovers! In the tradition of and's Photoshop Phriday, I present the Ganymede Poster Contest.

Quick facts:

  • What: An opportunity to show your Photoshoppin' / GIMPin' skillz, and maybe make a few bucks, too*.
  • When: Now through June.
  • Why: Because Eclipse is awesome.
  • Who: Anyone with some free time to burn.
  • Where: On your blog, or attached to bug 227561.

* In order to sweeten the pot a little (and to try to get at least 4 posters, one for each month between Ganymede GA and the Ganymede Update in September), I'm willing to put up $100 in the form of 3 prizes of $50, $30, and $20 for the top 3 submissions. Funds to be donated to your favourite open source org or free service provider -- could be,,,, or anyone else. Your choice.

PMCs, if you want to contribute to these prizes, I'm all for that. Hell, you could even run your own spin off contest, just for your project.

So, what should you design? A movie poster, showcasing something about Ganymede. Style is up to you, but personally I like grindhouse, and retro & horror.

Here's some ideas to get you started...

(Click images to enlarge. More ideas & links in bug 227561.)

UPDATE: More posters here.

UPDATE 2: Submissions are now closed. Vote for your faves!

I. P. Freely

This is your brain.

This is your brain on a fortnight of IP logs and About files.

Clean IP / From Where Did Our Code Come

I feel I've got to code all day
I've got to code all day
But the pain
Of rewriting from scratch, oh me!
The libs I share
Must have come from somewhere
And I think I've lost my light
For I toss and turn
I can't code at night

Once I ran to you
Now I run from you
This tainted code I've given
Given my Abouts all to you
Fix my log
And thats not nearly all

Clean IP x2

Now I know that I can code all day
I want to code all day
And there'll be more time everyday for me
To build things right
We need someone to hold us tight
And you want clean code to stay
But without its due it won't stay that way

Once I ran from you
Now I run to you
This clean IP you've given
Given my Abouts all to you
Gen my log
(Though it's but nearly done)

Clean IP x2

More CQs please!
I can not stand the way you tease
Orbit's the only way to go
But we need a lot of CQs, too

Clean IP x8

From where did our code come?
Ooh, don't you wonder
Don't you wonder no more
I've got this burning
Yearning, yearning
Nested inside jars
Ooh, deep inside jars
And it hurts so bad
I used third party code
So commonly
With a burning love
For my Apache
And now I will surrender
To clean pedigree
You're in my log now
Ooh, you're in my IP

Soft Cell - Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go?


p2: The Good, The Bad, The Whiners

After taking a break from reading the Planet this past week, tonight I discovered several p2-bashing posts. Now, I admit, in December I had some less-than-positive things to say about p2, but that was over 5 months ago. It's been evolving rapidly ever since, and has one of the most responsive dev teams I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

Some statistics, to prove my point:

  • 695 resolved Equinox.p2 bugs; 472 open Equinox.p2 bugs. Closure rate: 60%. Given the oldest changed bug is in February, that's over 200 features and work items a month for the past 3 months! (A bug is not always a problem. I use bugs as TODOs, thanks to the wonderful workflow integration provided by Mylyn. But I digress.)
  • Of the 20 Equinox.p2 bugs I've opened; only 5 remain. Closure rate: 75%.
  • Of the 39 Equinox.p2 bugs I've opened, commented on, or am watching; only 8 remain. Closure rate: 80%.
  • Articles in the Eclipse Wiki related to p2: at least 46
  • Time required to go from knowing nothing about p2 metadata to having it enabled for all the Modeling projects' update sites and integrated into automated promote scripts: about 2 hrs
  • (Recently) active committers for the whole Equinox project: 14
  • Lines of code committed in Equinox project in the past year: 378,000
  • Number of commits in Equinox project in the past year: 28,000

Bottom line? Ask (early) and ye shall receive. Wait to complain when there's no time left in the cycle, and ye shall be disappointed. This is open source, people. You get back what you put in.


Across The Intertubes

W00t. Ganymede M7 is out today -- here's something to read / listen to while you download it. If you use the Friends of Eclipse site, you'll probably get your bits downloaded before the first verse has finished playing. Membership has its privileges, as they say.

Bits are flying out like
endless rain into a pigeon coop
They syn/ack while they pass
They slip away across the intertubes
Pack-ed jars and XML
are drifting through my net, p2's
Resolving and installing 'em

Jai guru deva om
Ganymede'll rock my world [x4]

Finally there's self-hosting
now fixed for Ed and the rest of the Sad Men Club
(As Wassim calls them 'cross the intertubes)
Support for patches has improved
in many ways -- go check the news
And JUnits now report how long they take
to wend their way across your cpus

Jai guru deva om
Gany's gonna rock my world [x4]

Sounds of laughter, tons of code
installed for free: thanks, open source!
exciting and inviting me
Limitless undying love which
shines around me like a million suns
It calls me on and on across the intertubes

Jai guru deva om
Ganymede'll rock my world [x4]
Jai guru deva [x2]

The Beatles - Across The Universe


Diverse City

Why I live in Guildwood...

Recyling boxes on the curb side
Little boxes made of PVC
Little boxes, little boxes
Make up this Divert City.

And the codeslave at the console
Gets up from the desk 'round noon
Needs to regroup and to refresh
And to clear his cobwebbed brain

So the codeslave at the console
Goes for a walk over to the ravine
Where it's calm, a little wavy,
And perspective comes again

And the dogs up on the hillside
Get mistaken for being twins
Though they are in appearance similar
They're by no means just the same.

(With apologies to Malvina Reynolds.)


With Ganymede M7 just around the corner, and Eclipse 3.4M7 in the can, it's time for everyone to start playing w/ p2 again. It's come a *LONG* way from where it was in M6, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Equinox team. If you tried it then and got scared, please give it another look -- it's a much more user-friendly animal today. The promise presented at EclipseCON is coming true, despite some people's misguided attempts at humour last time around.

If you haven't tried converting an existing update site into a p2-enabled one, you should. I was very pleasantly surprised how easy it was.

And now, some Beatles for your Friday afternoon entertainment...

p2'd: it's not so bad
Took a sad song, and made it better
Remember to test drive it today
So you can help to make it better

p2'd: don't be afraid
You're now used to use Update Manager
The minute p2 gets under your skin
Then you begin to see it's better

And any time you feel a pain's p2'd, refrain
Don't carry the world upon your shoulders
Well don't you know that it's a nug who don't file bugs
Be they grit or Sisyphean boulders

p2'd: won't let you down
You'll have found the new Install Manager
Generate extra jars for your site
And you'll see that it's made much better

So try it out, yes, it's time for p2 to begin
Stop waiting for code freeze to download it
And don't you know that it's for you, p2'd
You'll do, the details you need are in the wiki

p2'd: works really well
Took a sad song, and made it better
Remember to let it into your heart
And you will start to see it's better

Na na na na na ,na na na, p2'd ...

The Beatles - Hey Jude


Team Effort

Digging through my email backlog, I found this post on the google-summer-of-code-announce list, which reminds us that it's time for the Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards for 2008 (nominations due by May 15).

Then I saw this... ;)

Ubuntu has done more to promote a desktop Linux than any other distro before.
And yet as a company contributes so little development resources.
You clearly do not understand open source. Like someone said the other day, all companies work together in the Linux desktop: Red Hat fixes the kernel, Novell fixes the applications, and Canonical takes the credit.

It's all a team effort.

Anyway, while successes at Eclipse are *also* the result of team effort, these awards are for individuals (the good kind, not the Teflon kind), and you can invent your own award titles. Enjoy!


Welcome To The Machine

Looking for concert tix at Ticketmaster tonight, I got to talking about reCaptcha w/ SWMNBN, and found this video. Take a look.

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

In related news (or lack thereof), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has not yet been picked up for a second season. C'mon, FOX, surely Summer Glau beating people up trumps another *freakin'* season of Family Guy or American Dad??