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Ontario [GNU] Linux Fest 2009

Annoyed that your boss didn't approve that expense to fly over to Germany for Eclipse Summit Europe? Well, fret no more!

Have we got a deal for you!

For only $40 you can attend Ontario [GNU] Linux Fest 2009 - a whole day of open source geekery from the following speakers! And, while there, stop by the Eclipse and Fedora tables for your chance to win some schwag!

I'd like to say we'll be giving away Slap-Chops or Sham-Wows too, but Vince will be rappin' & reppin' elsewhere. :)

HOWTO: Join Architecture Council, Break Hudson, Break Athena

About a week ago, Wayne Beaton approached me with an unexpected question: would I like to be drafted into the rank and file of the Eclipse Architecture Council?

I was honoured. Flabbergasted. And a bit apprehensive: could I measure up?

Well, it seems my first act as an AC member was, Thursday night, to cripple our shared Hudson build server by dumb-assedly performing a seemingly innocuous update. Heartfelt thanks to the Webmasters for once again extracting my cheeks from the fire and getting everyone's builds back up and running.

My second act, Friday afternoon, was to commit some "fixes" to the Athena Common Build code which effectively prevented it from reading your project's Thankfully, the ever-vigilant Dave Carver spotted the snafu, filed a bug, and I had it my error fixed shortly after my return from Zombieland last night (aside: best zom-rom-com since Shaun Of The Dead!)

Thanks to Matt, Dave C, David W, Denis, Gunnar, and everyone else for reporting &/or fixing these issues, and to the AC for welcoming me into their fold. It's going to be interesting!


Dash Athena News, Oct 2009

Have you heard the latest? Here's what's been going on in the Dash Athena project lately.

Infrastructure Changes

  • There are now 43 Athena jobs on! Of those, 30 are green, 1 is yellow, and 6 have not yet been enabled. These jobs represent 29 different projects' builds! 6 of them use SVN sources instead of CVS.

  • bug 257074 comment 12 now has SVN 1.6.5; if your map files no longer work (your build complains it can't resolve plugin or features sources) then read this.

New Features

  • bug 291446 Provide hook for extra actions after fetching code from repo and before compiling it (e.g. code generation, parser generators, etc.)

  • bug 275529 Athena is now a full Project rather than a Component! Now if we could just get someone to design a logo... Do I need to offer up prizes? I will, if you comment on bug 272723 with some design ideas (or prize ideas).

Better Documentation

See also Older New & Noteworthy.