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This Just In..., Part 2

As Mike reported earlier today, the results of the JDJ Reader's Choice Awards are finally out (a mere 7 weeks after they were supposed to be available). Mike covered a lot of the Eclipse highlights -- here are some Modeling highlights:

  • Java Component: Infragistics JSuite mysteriously sneaks past EMF (when 153 votes appear AFTER the polls closed). Despite the voting irregularity and as yet no response from JDJ to explain the surge, we did beat out EJB and JSF. I do find it a little suprising -- unlikely even -- that a $795 - $1495 component set beat out 3 free offerings from Eclipse and Sun, but hey. Maybe if the JDJ makes the voting/auditing process open next year, we'll have nothing to kvetch about.
  • Modeling Tool: MagicDraw UML, followed by MyEclipse, EMF, and Borland's Together 2006.
  • Java Persistence Architecture: Hibernate, BEA Kodo, Java Persistence API, TopLink. Next year, Teneo? EclipseLink?
And a few IBM highlights:
  • Java Messaging Tool: IBM WebSphere MQ (3rd place after SwiftMQ & Sun)
  • Java Virtual Machine: IBM (3rd after Sun & JRockit)
  • Enterprise Database: IBM DB2 (3rd after Oracle and MySQL)
  • Java Application Server (Commercial): Websphere Application Server (2nd after WebLogic)
  • Java Application Server (Free): WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (4th after JBoss, GlassFish, and Geronimo)