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What I Did On My Summer Vacation: The Remake

In Episode 2 of WIDOMSV, I saw Evil Dead: The Musical for the third and final time. This time we went with Sara and Ulysses and sat in the front row of the Splatter Zone. Unlike the previous two visits to row two (with splatter across the chest and/or lap), this time we got front row tickets and we all got it in the face or hair. And then it kept coming: the 10 year old Peacefire shirt from my UofW days entered the show completely white. In keeping with the original trilogy, this final time wasn't the best performance (with two casting shuffles), but was by far the funniest.

Anyway, I'm off to Essex, Massachusetts this weekend (by way of the Deerfield Dryway in Charlemont) for a week's vacation at my dad's place, including some whitewater rafting, kayaking, boating, and a whole lot of driving. But hey, it's the summer -- it's road trip season!

Married To The

Hopefully, I won't be completely off the grid the whole time.


bennetthaselton said...

Never seen a Peacefire shirt in exactly that condition :) I'm the guy who mailed it to you, I was just egosurfing for "peacefire" on Google's blog search... If it doesn't wash off, let me know if you want a new one :)