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phpeclipse vs. PDT, Part 2 [Update 2]

As I mentioned in Part 1 I've been a phpeclipse user for a couple years and have loved it, but have recently switched to PDT.

I'm happy to report that in the last month the PDT folks have closed 3 of the 6 bugs I opened back on 2007/07/23. Kudos to the team for their responsiveness!

In order to encourage more PHP developers to vote for some of these bugs (and to prove that the squeaky wheel does in fact get greased if you write a cogent enough bug report!), here's the top ten enhancements I'd like to see added to PDT:

  • [197565] FIXED: NPE thrown when using PHP Explorer Working Sets in Package Explorer
  • [197572] FIXED: PHP/Script Explorer: keybinding conflict - ALT+SHIFT+Q, P
  • [197579] FIXED: Window > Preferences > PHP > Debug will break if an invalid server config is entered and cannot be fixed
  • [166178] FIXED in PDT 2.0: Provide "mark occurences" action
  • [162771] Detect undefined variables as warnings (already in phpeclipse)
  • [169062] Code completion for file paths in include()/require() (already in phpeclipse)
  • [161760] [Usability] UI to add PDT nature to existing Eclipse projects
  • [197573] [Configurability] Use smaller features (eg., split debug feature from runtime)
  • [197490] [Reuse] Question: Use outline view provided by the Eclipse Platform?
  • [197581] [Simplify?] Question: All-In-One tar.gz contains lots of extra features vs. Update Site?

UPDATE, 2008/05/22: none of the above 7 pending bugs are closed, though one got marked as a dupe of another open bug, so I've updated the number. Nine months later, no closer to closing my top ten list -- so much for the squeaky wheel theory. Hopefully PDT 1.1 2.0's release in September December 2008 will include a few of these.

UPDATE, 2008/09/12: one more bug closed. PDT 1.1 is now 2.0, and the schedule's been pushed back a bit to accommodate all the new stuff they've been adding into it. Coming soon -- new web, metadata and releng content!


Eugene Kuleshov said...

Way to go! :-)

But the real killer feature for PDT would be support for the Mylyn model bridges, so you would be able to apply task-focused filtering on PDT views and track task context below resources specific to PDT...

nickb said...

Actually, I was thinking about that as I wrote this post -- but I wasn't sure how Mylyn works in that context.

Would the PHP Project Outline (or PHP Project Explorer, as Nitin suggests on bug 197490 comment 3) be able to extend Mylyn (if installed)... or does Mylyn just extend views that make an extension point available, so any view that is so configured would get Mylyn's task focusing automatically?

In other words, who has to do the work to make this happen -- Mylyn or PDT? Can you open a bug explaining what needs to be done, assigned to the appropriate team?

Eugene Kuleshov said...

That would need to be PDT. I spoke to Philippe Ombredanne at LinuxCon couple weeks ago and gave him couple starting points. So, PDT would need to contribute some extension points, implementing some Mylyn's API on top of its own models.

Roy Ganor said...

[166178] Provide "mark occurences" action