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Linux vs. Windows

More good news for the Linux folks in the battle for desktop supremacy:

  • Seeking to avoid downtime and trojans, a Vancouver law firm switches 3 dozen Windows desktop machines to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop over a weekend; reduces desktop maintenance by 20%. [1]
  • Want to avoid phishing scams? Get a smarter browser (Firefox) / mail client (Gmail, Thunderbird, Evolution) / OS (Linux) for free and educate your staff ... or spend US$25,000. [2]
  • Survey shows businesses are having second thoughts about Vista. [3]

    [O]nly 28 percent agreed that Vista is more secure than XP. Meanwhile, the no votes increased to 24 percent.

    Reconsiderations about Vista have given rival operating systems a second chance at breaking into corporations. Last year, Linux and Max OS X had only meager appeal to the CIOs, CSOs, IT and network administrators surveyed: 2 percent said they planned to deploy the open-source Linux, while none owned up to Mac OS X plans. July's survey, however, noted a six-fold increase in the total willing to do without Windows on at least some systems: 8 percent of those polled acknowledged Linux plans and 4 percent said they would deploy Mac OS X. (emphasis added) [3]