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The results of this year's JDJ Readers' Choice Awards are in... well, sort of.

According to the JDJ site:

Voting has now closed, stay tuned for the audited voting results to be announced at SOA World Conference & Expo 2007 East June 25-27, 2007 in New York City.

After a few weeks of intermittently looking for results (only to find past years' results), I finally managed to unearth the results.

Oddly enough, however, there is *NO* mention of any of the Eclipse technologies listed in the various 29 categories of the original survey, and only a few mentions of Eclipse member companies like Borland, IBM or Oracle. Categories, like Best Book, seem to have been renamed to make them more SOA-centric with all non-SOA contenders dropped from the pile. Some categories seem to have been merged, like the Best Java Application Server (Free) and Best Java Application Server (Commercial) categories. But perhaps the wierdest part is how votes seem to have just vanished from the registry. It's like the US 2000/2004 elections all over again!

Let's look at the first category listed in the results: Best App Server. Here's a copy of the survey data posted here and here, which shows:

Sun Java Application Server 9 Sun Microsystems 21
Enhydra 37
JOnAS ObjectWeb 53
WebSphere Application Server Community Edition IBM 345
Geronimo Apache Software Foundation 508
Project GlassFish Sun Microsystems 680
JBoss Application Server Red Hat Middleware 2150
Interstage Application Server FUJITSU 4
uCosminexus Application Server Hitachi, Ltd. 18
EAServer Sybase Inc. 27
None None 27
Pramati Server 5.0 Pramati Technologies 29
NetWeaver SAP 42
JRun Adobe Systems Incorporated 47
Resin Caucho Technology, Inc. 88
Borland Enterprise Server Borland Software 162
Oracle Application Server Oracle 454
Sun Java System Application Server Sun Microsystems, Inc. 511
WebSphere Application Server IBM 536
WebLogic BEA Systems, Inc. 2169

* Note: These results are un-audited numbers. All voting results will be tabulated, and will go through Java Developer's Journal's extensive auditing process at the conclusion of voting. The results you see here may alter slightly or significantly as a result of that auditing process. JDJ makes no guarantees, and gives no endorsement to the live results which you see here.

So the winners would appear to be BEA's WebLogic and RedHat's JBoss with their commanding leads of over 2000 votes each, followed by Glassfish, the combined Websphere, Geronimo, and the combined Sun App Server in the 500-900s. But after tabulation and the "extensive auditing process", here's the final results, in the order reported with un-audited numbers added:

Best App Server
Java System Application Server, Sun Microsystems, 511 + 29 = 540
Oracle Fusion Middlware, 454?
Pramati Application Server, Pramati, 29
Borland Enterprise Server, 162

I guess those 5000+ votes for WebLogic, JBoss, Geronimo, Websphere, and even Glassfish didn't count. Maybe the voters used Diebold browsers to cast their votes. ;-)

Another turnout I find surprising is how Eclipse lost the Best IDE / Best Java IDE Environment category, despite its huge lead (1726 votes) over the second-place contender, MyEclipse (1040+12), also conspicuously absent from the final results. Even the third-place contender, BEA Workshop (563) seems to have not managed to keep its lead over TIBCO (not listed in unaudited data!), JetBrains (375), Oracle (338), and Sun (320, 185).

Anyway, auditing discrepancies aside (could the process be more transparent next year?), I'm also surprised that several of the more interesting (to me, anyway) categories have vanished.

EMF was in third place for the Best Java Modeling Tool and second for the Best Java Component, but neither of these categories made JDJ/SOAWorld's 'worth a mention' list, so I've still no idea how we did after the audit.

Does anyone who attended SOAWorld know if the other 9 categories were mentioned anywhere, and if so, who won? What about the Most Innovative Java Product category?


Karl Matthias said...

Hmmm, has Karl Rove gone to work of JDJ?!

Karl Matthias said...


jeckels said...

These results you site are actually for the SOA Readers Choice Awards, not the JDJ. I contacted JDJ directly, as I was as confused as you were (since we were nominated in several categories). The JDJ results will be revealed at the Real-World JAVA Seminar on August 13th.

Hope that helps clear it up a bit. The delays and misinformation in posting these results has been a roller coaster for JDJ. For their sake, I hope they have not done serious damage to the awards' credibility.

Jens - MyEclipse

nickb said...


Thanks for the info!

I'll post an update when/if the real results are made available.

On further reflection, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that there was a bit of a mix up in posting the news about when/where the results would be available: the URL for the 2007 awards has "readerschoice2004" in it, suggesting that they're not the most attentive to detail. Pity.