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Team Effort

Digging through my email backlog, I found this post on the google-summer-of-code-announce list, which reminds us that it's time for the Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards for 2008 (nominations due by May 15).

Then I saw this... ;)

Ubuntu has done more to promote a desktop Linux than any other distro before.
And yet as a company contributes so little development resources.
You clearly do not understand open source. Like someone said the other day, all companies work together in the Linux desktop: Red Hat fixes the kernel, Novell fixes the applications, and Canonical takes the credit.

It's all a team effort.

Anyway, while successes at Eclipse are *also* the result of team effort, these awards are for individuals (the good kind, not the Teflon kind), and you can invent your own award titles. Enjoy!


Unknown said...


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nickb said...

If this is a variant on 409, kudos. Well written.

If this is for realz, then what exactly would you like me to do? IANAL.

And how would international law enforcement have jurisdiction in Korea?