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Ganymede Poster Contest

Attention all Photoshop geeks and movie lovers! In the tradition of and's Photoshop Phriday, I present the Ganymede Poster Contest.

Quick facts:

  • What: An opportunity to show your Photoshoppin' / GIMPin' skillz, and maybe make a few bucks, too*.
  • When: Now through June.
  • Why: Because Eclipse is awesome.
  • Who: Anyone with some free time to burn.
  • Where: On your blog, or attached to bug 227561.

* In order to sweeten the pot a little (and to try to get at least 4 posters, one for each month between Ganymede GA and the Ganymede Update in September), I'm willing to put up $100 in the form of 3 prizes of $50, $30, and $20 for the top 3 submissions. Funds to be donated to your favourite open source org or free service provider -- could be,,,, or anyone else. Your choice.

PMCs, if you want to contribute to these prizes, I'm all for that. Hell, you could even run your own spin off contest, just for your project.

So, what should you design? A movie poster, showcasing something about Ganymede. Style is up to you, but personally I like grindhouse, and retro & horror.

Here's some ideas to get you started...

(Click images to enlarge. More ideas & links in bug 227561.)

UPDATE: More posters here.

UPDATE 2: Submissions are now closed. Vote for your faves!


Pascal said...

I especially love the p2 one :-) I need to get it printed.

nickb said...

Have you ever used Zazzle's tshirt creator?

Unknown said...

Today, I was looking for a toy parking house for my little son, when I came across this very bizarre poster that perfectly fits the Ganymede poster contest *without* the need to retouch it: P2 - a new level of terror

NB: I don't mean to bash P2 - not at all.