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With Ganymede M7 just around the corner, and Eclipse 3.4M7 in the can, it's time for everyone to start playing w/ p2 again. It's come a *LONG* way from where it was in M6, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Equinox team. If you tried it then and got scared, please give it another look -- it's a much more user-friendly animal today. The promise presented at EclipseCON is coming true, despite some people's misguided attempts at humour last time around.

If you haven't tried converting an existing update site into a p2-enabled one, you should. I was very pleasantly surprised how easy it was.

And now, some Beatles for your Friday afternoon entertainment...

p2'd: it's not so bad
Took a sad song, and made it better
Remember to test drive it today
So you can help to make it better

p2'd: don't be afraid
You're now used to use Update Manager
The minute p2 gets under your skin
Then you begin to see it's better

And any time you feel a pain's p2'd, refrain
Don't carry the world upon your shoulders
Well don't you know that it's a nug who don't file bugs
Be they grit or Sisyphean boulders

p2'd: won't let you down
You'll have found the new Install Manager
Generate extra jars for your site
And you'll see that it's made much better

So try it out, yes, it's time for p2 to begin
Stop waiting for code freeze to download it
And don't you know that it's for you, p2'd
You'll do, the details you need are in the wiki

p2'd: works really well
Took a sad song, and made it better
Remember to let it into your heart
And you will start to see it's better

Na na na na na ,na na na, p2'd ...

The Beatles - Hey Jude


Martin Oberhuber said...

So, how do you convert an update site into a p2-enabled one?

nickb said...

By magic!