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I. P. Freely

This is your brain.

This is your brain on a fortnight of IP logs and About files.

Clean IP / From Where Did Our Code Come

I feel I've got to code all day
I've got to code all day
But the pain
Of rewriting from scratch, oh me!
The libs I share
Must have come from somewhere
And I think I've lost my light
For I toss and turn
I can't code at night

Once I ran to you
Now I run from you
This tainted code I've given
Given my Abouts all to you
Fix my log
And thats not nearly all

Clean IP x2

Now I know that I can code all day
I want to code all day
And there'll be more time everyday for me
To build things right
We need someone to hold us tight
And you want clean code to stay
But without its due it won't stay that way

Once I ran from you
Now I run to you
This clean IP you've given
Given my Abouts all to you
Gen my log
(Though it's but nearly done)

Clean IP x2

More CQs please!
I can not stand the way you tease
Orbit's the only way to go
But we need a lot of CQs, too

Clean IP x8

From where did our code come?
Ooh, don't you wonder
Don't you wonder no more
I've got this burning
Yearning, yearning
Nested inside jars
Ooh, deep inside jars
And it hurts so bad
I used third party code
So commonly
With a burning love
For my Apache
And now I will surrender
To clean pedigree
You're in my log now
Ooh, you're in my IP

Soft Cell - Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go?


Denis Roy said...

Thanks for the laughs on a Friday.