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Thirteenth Step

Ye gods. As of last week, my little release engineering world is responsible for a total of 13 builds, with two more on the way. Time to crank up a little APC and have a quick look back...

  1. 1Q2004: pre-PDE build system migrated to PDE thanks to Marcelo Paternostro.
  2. 2Q2004: EMF 2.0 released, using Eclipse 3.0 releng.basebuilder. [Builds/branches/codebases: 1/1/1]
  3. 2Q2004: UML2 1.0 released, using cloned/simplified version of EMF builder. [2/2/2]
  4. 2Q2005: EMF 2.1 released, updated to Eclipse 3.1 builder. [2/3/2]
  5. 2Q2005: UML2 1.1 released. [2/4/2]
  6. 3Q2005-4Q2005: EMF 2.2 and UML2 2.0 start development, adding two new branches.[2/6/2]
  7. 4Q2005: first EMF Technologies project starts releasing builds, just before Xmas. Before long, the infant project has crossed the Rubicon, with 4 components: OCL, Query, Validation, and Transaction. [Builds/branches/codebases: 6/10/3]
  8. 1Q2006: EODM and JET join the EMFT party, solidifying the 'cross-project' nature of the EMFT build. 8 different builds supported by 3 code bases, across 1 to 3 active CVS branches. [8/12/3]
  9. 2Q2006: JET Editor, Net4j, and CDO are added to EMFT, and begin releasing builds. Callisto released, including EMF 2.2. Also along for the ride as part of GMF are OCL 1.0 and QTV 1.0 (Query, Transaction, Validation). System updated to use 3.2 basebuilder. [11/15/3]
  10. 3Q2006: Teneo joins EMFT. [12/16/3]
  11. 4Q2006: EMF, UML2, OCL, QTV (3) and JET/JET Editor (2) start work on new branches, in time for M3. Common Modeling Build started, adding new MDT component UML2 Tools. System updated to use 3.3 basebuilder. [13/25/4]
  12. 1Q2007: EODM branches for M4. [13/26/4]
  13. 2Q2007: EODM, OCL, QTV, UML2, JET & JET Editor migrated to Modeling Build and moved into EMF, MDT and M2T websites, making the old UML2 build obsolete and merging the old JET and JET Editor builds into a single website/build. EMF Compare build added to new Modeling.EMFT build. Common Modeling Build now supports multiple branches (Eclipse 3.2/3.3) and nine different component builds (across 4 different projects: EMF, EMFT, MDT, M2T), with varying numbers of upstream dependencies (from 1 to 9) & support for bundling or build-time use of 3rd party code (Orbit and non-Orbit). Original EMF build that started it all supports 4 branches and several non-JUnit test types. Three semi-dormant Technology.EMFT projects left to migrate (Teneo, CDO, Net4j). [Builds/branches/codebases: 13/27/3]

And there's so much still to do! No wonder I'm so tired these days...