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EMF 2.3 & EMF-QTV 1.1 released

Along with the rest of Europa, EMF 2.3 was released yesterday. Additionally, three new components, Model Query, Model Transaction, and Validation Framework (collectively "EMF-QTV") have graduated from EMFT and published their 1.1 releases.

What's new in the EMF project this year? See below.

Thanks to the whole EMF team for a great release and for making my life interesting, to say the least. Thanks also to all those who helped by providing ideas, suggestions, bug reports (especially those with patches & JUnits!), wiki documentation, FAQ entries & articles.


Wassim Melhem said...


I followed the links and I am not sure I comprehend what is New and Noteworthy in EMF for this release.

Is the "Bleeding Edge" section EMF's equivalent of New and Noteworthy or did I miss something?

Unless I missed something, it would be good if the EMF team used a format for N&N that is similar to other teams, e.g. The Platform team.

nickb said...


Nice to see you interested in using EMF!

There are 6 Wiki entries listed in the Bleeding Edge, documenting changes with the potential to impact customers (we wanted to let people know immediately to ease their pain).

There's 600+ bugs listed in our release notes by build/date with links to see the CVS deltas, so you can see exactly what lines of code were changed by who, when, and why. (PDE UI could have this too if you wanted.)

There's the post where zx wrote about the new features in EMF (along with the other 20 projects in Europa).

Since we're a very small team (only 2/3rds the size of PDE UI!) we were fixing bugs right up to the end of the release, and thus haven't had time to freeze in order to provide any other documentation so far. If the above options are insufficient, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Wassim Melhem said...

Build notes, migration guides, etc. are fine, but they are not sufficient from a PR point of view.
Neither is a paragraph in the middle of Chris' article.

The New and Noteworthy list is a concise list (in tabular format with pretty screenshots, where applicable) of the major features coming out of a project.

Its purpose is to entice the audience about new features, without boring them with technical details.

Take a look at the link in my previous post for an example.

The fact that you do not have one makes me sad :(