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Eclipse: Have it your way

With mere weeks to go before Europa, and inspired by Kevin's comments in bug 192180, I'd like to post a question of the Eclipse community at large.

Q: If Eclipse was a condiment, which one would it be, and why?

Some ideas:


Unknown said...

Eclipse is a condiment framework.

AlBlue said...


Anonymous said...

liquid smoke

nickb said...

Alex: ignoring for the moment that most people don't eat suncream (aka sun screen / sun block, for those on this side of the pond) -- even the coconut scented stuff -- I suppose this means we'll be seeing a new Technology project proposal this summer for the Sun Protection Framework (SPF)?

AlBlue said...

Ole Piper Sauce?

Michael Scharf said...


It's used everywhere. It often does not fit. A gourmet would never use it. It comes in massive amounts (like the 18 million lines of code of the Europa release). It's often hard not to use it.

Did I mention that I'm not a gourmet ;-)