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Quiet on the Lake

Decided to get away from the noises in the neighbourhood and the buzzing in my head by heading down the lake for a quick paddle. Ah, tranquility at last, despite the rather angry waves.

Unfortunately, after about a half hour, I saw a couple rockets fly over and when I looked up toward the Bluffs, I saw what looked like something on fire. Cripes!

After a frantic bit of googling on my phone, it looks like there've been reports of a zombie uprising. Speculation is that between all the lightning and rain over the last week, graves have been washed out and their inhabitants reanimated somehow. I know that sounds insane, but that's what they're reporting. There's also been talk of pollution leading to illnesses in birds, which might be related to all the feathers and offal I found yesterday.

I wonder if that means that I'm... infected?