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Network outage

Well, great -- my internet's down. Bloody typical. Gawd, I'm in a terrible mood now.

Called Rogers to yell at them -- which is odd, since I'm usually pleasant when dealing with support staff since I know how annoying tech support can be -- and they told me this was an "unplanned outage," then tried to get off the phone quickly.

I kept him talking, as I heard what sounded like shouting and the sounds of glass smashing in the background. Eventually he relented that the switching station nearest my neighbourhood had been overrun by a gang of teenagers, apparently as part of some end of the school year prank. He said the last update he's gotten, the cops were working to clear the scene, but the kids were unusually aggressive and out of control, so it might take a while. I thanked him but the line had already gone dead. So rude.

Anyway, typing on my cellphone is becoming increasingly difficult as my hand continues to itch and it's making texting difficult. Plus, I'm having trouble focusing.

Will update later, if the network comes back.