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Ganymede Poster Contest, Part 4: The Winners

Drum roll please...

The results are in, and here are your winners!

So, the next step is for Benjamin Cabe, Michael Tkacz, and Nick Hofstede to contact me and decide how they'd like to distribute their prize money. While Benjamin's top poster only placed third, the fact that he had 4 posters in the top ten makes me think he deserves the top prize.

So, guys, tell me who should get the funds, and why, and I'll PayPal you the money so you can donate it and keep the tax receipt (if applicable). If you don't have a PayPal account, I can donate on your behalf. If you want your donation to go back to Eclipse in exchange for a Friends of Eclipse membership, that's allowed too. :)

Congrats to everyone who participated!


Michał Tkacz said...

Wow, I won, that's just so cool :) Money goes of course back to Eclipse :) Thanks for voting everybody and congratulations to all participants!

Benjamin Cabé said...

Yipee :) Thank you Nick for this contest, and congratulations for the motto of the top poster ("objects on mirrors...")! :)

I can't decide between giving the money to the Eclipse Foundation or to Kiva (, one of my favourite NGO...

BTW, are the jackets the same we can see there ? ;op

nickb said...

No, they're much cooler. Unless you get the fleece version, then they're warmer. :)