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Modeler Bees

And now a little ditty to cheer up my fellow modelers out there on this miserably wet & grey day. If you're not already a regular in #eclipse-modeling, please drop in and say hi! Thanks to Dave Steinberg for his invaluable assistance in writing this one, and to Ed for the bee pic.

March on, modeler bees!
Know your MDD!

We take our orders given by the spec
Our PMC leaders are Ed and Rich
If you resist us you will feel our sting
Don't code by hand when you can use codegen

Control input with importers!
Control output with genmodel!
Follow the schema totally!
We can reuse our models

March on, modeler bees!
Use your MDT!

A Ph.D. once coming from the west,
And in a flash! OMG, made a nest
Supply of models flowing bottomless
Input any form, you're not powerless

Bidi reference handshaking!
Reflection: code generically!
Conform to schema totally!
We save time with our models

And we'll merge... along, with our genmodel
And we'll fly... our JETs, with our templates drawn
Can the suits... in blue, believe what we've done?
We can regen our models

And we'll merge... along, with our codegen on
And define... constraints, validators drawn
Can even... record, changes that we've done
When we modify data

Can we persist our models?
Yes, go see E-M-F-T!

Billy Talent - Worker Bees


Unknown said...

Excellent ! Is it planned to record a CD with all these songs ... and then sell it on the Eclipse Store ... ;-)