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`man uubp`

On a lark (not a lart) I decided to waste a few minutes and installed the Debian funny-manpages and asr-manpages .deb packages. I tried the obvious man sex and man woman but then realized quickly there was no index to find all the rest.

Some quick digging into /usr/share/man found the "*.fun.gz" bundles, but that wasn't entirely useful either because pre-existing entries, like echo or date returned the real entries, not the spoofs. A little for f in $(find /usr/share/man -name "*fun.gz"); do g=${f/gz/txt}; man -l $f > $g; done later, and I've got them all as text files instead of gzipped nroff files.

To save you the work and serve up the funny, I've posted them here. You can beer me later.