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Defraggin' Physical

I wanna trash you baby
I wanna take you off
I wanna reformat you
The way you grind and grind and die
I want you right off my disk
So gone from my drive
Don't need a key to my OS
Or a phone to call n' snitch

Cuz you're too physical, physical to me
You're just too physical, physical to me

Don't want your Vista baby
I want this right in your ear
Don't need to buy new hardware
No closed source OS now let's be clear
Don't want the touch of your bugs
The constant updates
Don't wanna say all those things
That would be better unsaid

But you're too physical, physical to me
Who needs a 2 Gig swap file, eh?
Used to come out on floppies
Now you're a whole DVD
You're really jus- just too- just
Defraggin'? No!

You're just too physical [x2]
Defraggin' physical
No no no no no no no!
Oh you're too physical
Just too physical
Just too

nin - physical (you're so)