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Release Review Today!

UPDATE: Clearly not everyone was amused by my attempt at levity here. My apologies.

Wake up, the EMO's on fire
And they're sick of policing th'entire
World of Eclipse releases
Cuz the PMCs should be

"Rename" is the last chance for hope
When there's no such thing as unrelease
Your GA build's in the ditch that
You dug yourself in

Last chance to get your slides in place
Nothing but hell to pay
If you forget your review

Release Review Today - celebrate your SDK!
Post your N&N and hang 'em high
On the wiki and your home
Release Review Today - get on your knees and pray
Forget your review and you'll be screwed
But at least you're not alone

Marquee lights in the middle of June, now
Old bugs come back, no boon now
Your oldest allies are your long lost PMCs
Sit though the review and you'll find
That it's a +1'ing good time
Unless you're a hotbed of non-diversity



Review Day! Vote +1!

Last chance to get your slides in place
But the policies seem to change each day
When all you wanna do is... try to... comply

[Chorus] x 2

Review Day!

Green Day - Deadbeat Holiday


Ed Merks said...

Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard I cried! It's good that laughing is therapeutic.

Scott Lewis said...

I cried so hard I laughed :).

Funny stuff nick.