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Notes 7 vs. 8: Inbox Folder Warning Message Smackdown

In today's installment of my ongoing series on Lotus Notes' unique personality, I present a nuissance warning message that apparently means nothing and affects nothing. But it appears three times, just to make sure I'm sufficiently warned. Granted, it only appears if you do something really odd (like installing Notes 8 on top of Notes 7, which I'm sure is NOT a supported install method), then go back to using Notes 7. Still, it's pretty funny, for me at least.

Here's how you can play along at home:

  1. Install Notes 7 (WMC) on Linux
  2. Install Notes 8 on Linux (on top)
  3. Create a folder in your Inbox database (er, "application") with Notes 8
  4. Try to open that folder w/ Notes 7, and you get this warning message three times:

-- Clicking OK three times disposes the warnings,
and everything apparently works fine.
Thank goodness I was warned!


TechnoBluez said...

You simply need to upgrade the design of all your folders, there is a new mail template for Notes 8. The error you are having is normal since you are in the middle of both worlds.