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Powerfully Lame Marketing

I'm not one to bash the competition, but I need to mention this. zx pointed me to a "Pro NetBeans" site, bearing this post:

But lame attempts at humour aside, this site is whois-privacy-blocked:

Administrative Contact:
   Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
   Whois Agent (
   Fax: +1.4256960234
   PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
   Bellevue, WA 98007

Most of the posts (almost all by "admin") are about Sun's point-releases of their JDK (snore), or features in NetBeans. Who's moderating this site? Could it be the NetBeans girls? Certainly isn't the Eclipse Ladies... ;-)

On the plus side, Amazon isn't so "Pro NetBeans" with its site ads (they're not all O'Reilly, o'really).


Anonymous said...

You can also interpret it like this: the brains and eclipse join forces on one side and net beans is alone on the other side.

But in general I would say:
Math.pow(Java, Eclipse) is still < Smalltalk

Anonymous said...

Marketing...? It's more advertising-related.

Unknown said...

i dont think they considered that most programmers would read it as

eclipse + brains || netbeans

i'll keep my eclipse and my brains thanks :)

Adam Myatt said...

Whoa, slow down there buddy. Drop the conspiracy theory. is NOT in fact run by Sun or the NetBeans team. It is a personal site run by myself (not a Sun employee) to accomplish several things : market my Pro NetBeans book series that I have authored, promote NetBeans to the general community since I use and enjoy it frequently, and allow me to occasionally post Java and NetBeans items of interest.

I have the site WhoIS blocked so I don't get inundated by spam looking to rip me off, sell me viagra, and so on.

You're entitled to blog your opinion to your heart's content, but in the future you should do your homework before being rude and making accusations.

Adam Myatt said...

The NetBeans gum image was also just a mild attempt at humor. I was at the NetBeans Day event at JavaOne this past year. A friend sitting next to me offered me a piece of Eclipse gum. I remarked it was ironic that I was taking a piece of Eclipse gum at NetBeans Day and joked too bad there wasn't a NetBeans gum. Hence, my small joke.

nickb said...


Thanks for the info.

> but in the future you should do your homework

Given you've whois-blocked the site, how would you suggest I 'do my homework?'