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My love-hate with SVN, Part 8: Unprotected & Unhidden Metadata

SVN metadata appears when searching

Why would anyone ever want to see .svn folders and their children in Eclipse? If they're hidden from the Package Explorer, why can't I hide them from a Search? And if I did a naive find and replace, wouldn't this corrupt the metadata and prevent me from committing the update to the repo?


Mark Phippard said...

They should not be showing up anywhere. They should be flagged as Team Private resources and hidden and ignored automatically. I've never encountered this.

Although if you did not have a SVN plug-in installed, then nothing would be flagging them as team resources.

SVN 1.7 is moving towards a single .svn folder in the root of your checkout.

Ray said...

Hmm. I tried the same thing, and it did not show any of the metadata in the .svn directories. I'm using Galileo now, but I've been using Eclipse for quite a while, and have never had this type of behavior in any of the versions I have used.

I'm using the subversive client. Which are you using? Perhaps this is a bug that is specific to one or the other.

Jesper said...

I can't see how that's Subversion's fault -- it's Eclipse's "fault", in that it's no different from CVS/Entries (except that it includes full base text). Eclipse just happens to be born with knowledge of CVS folders. .svn folders are even hidden.

If you install a team provider for Subversion, it should hide .svn files from you.