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HOWTO: AVI to DVD Conversion, Part 2: Merging Multiple AVIs

Converting a single AVI to DVD format is easy.

However, if you want to merge multiple files into a single DVD image, you must:

  • Convert the AVI files to MPEG:
    for f in $(ls /path/to/season1/{GI_Joe.S1E0*.avi,GI_Joe.S1E1*.avi,GI_Joe.S1E2{0,1,2,3}*.avi}); do \
      g=${f/.avi/.mpg}; g=${g/season1/season1_mpg}; \
      transcode -i $f -y ffmpeg --export_prof dvd-ntsc --export_asr 3 -o movie \
        -D0 -s2 -m movie.ac3 -J modfps=clonetype=3 --export_fps 29.97; \
      mplex -f 8 -o $g  movie.m2v movie.ac3; \
      rm -fr movie.m2v movie.ac3; \
    done; \
    cd /path/to/season1_mpg
  • Next, using a more complex dvdauthor.xml file...
    <dvdauthor dest="DVD_Season1_Ep01-05">
      <vmgm />
             <vob file="GI_Joe.S1E01.The_Further_Adventures_of_G.I.Joe.mpg" chapters="0,8:00,16:00,21:00"/>
             <vob file="GI_Joe.S1E02.Rendezvous_in_the_City_of_the_Dead.mpg" chapters="0,8:00,16:00,21:00"/>
             <vob file="GI_Joe.S1E03.Three_Cubes_to_Darkness.mpg" chapters="0,8:00,16:00,21:00"/>
             <vob file="GI_Joe.S1E04.Chaos_in_the_Sea_of_Lost_Souls.mpg" chapters="0,8:00,16:00,21:00"/>
             <vob file="GI_Joe.S1E05.Knotting_Cobras_Coils.mpg" chapters="0,8:00,16:00,21:00"/>
    ...merge the MPEG files into a single disc image:
    dvdauthor -x dvdauthor_s1e01-05.xml
  • Verify the video and audio will play.
    xine dvd:/full/path/to/DVD_Season1_Ep01-05
  • Burn the DVD.
    growisofs -Z /dev/dvd1 -dvd-video DVD_Season1_Ep01-05/

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