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Vacation Planning / Process Modeling

This summer I'm attending the wedding of two friends in Victoria, BC. So, since we're travelling across the country anyway, we're going to take some time to explore Vancouver Island a little.

And because I'm a total Eclipse fanboy (despite the fact that certain people tell me Eclipse is dead), I thought it was time to play with the BPMN Modeler again. Version 1.0.2 (for Eclipse 3.4 / Ganymede) just came out today (update site).

So here's me planning the trip:

Aside: Wondering what's in Telegraph Cove? Check this out.

It may not have the same graphical wow factor as, say, Google Maps' "My Maps" feature...

... but it does clearly show two things:

a) the BPMN Modeler is stable and works great for modeling my workflows, regardless of whether I intend to do anything programmatic w/ the resulting diagram, and

b) air fare and car rentals cost too much. :)

I also tried out the in-progress BPMN Modeler 1.1M6, and while it adds some cool features to help align items in your swimlanes, it's also not quite ready for prime-time use. Looking forward to 1.1M7 next month.

Who says modeling can't be fun?


Mickael Istria said...

In case you want to execute your process, you'll be soon able to import your BPMN diagram into JWT (coming with M7), refine it with technical details, and then export it as an executable XPDL file for example.

However, JWT is unfortunately not yet able to reduce you travel costs...

Ian Bull said...
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Ian Bull said...

Two comments:
1. I'm happy to hear that Wassim is not just spewing trash to me, but rather he is poisoning several members of the Eclipse Community with his wishes^h^h^h^h^h^h beliefs.

2. It looks like I'm going to miss you again, since I will be in T-Dot when you are on the West Coast.