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All I really want is builds

With April 20 just around the corner, it's time to get ill... but first, something completely different.

Builds, all I really want is builds
And in the morning it's builds
'Cause in the evening it's builds

I like the way that they run
And when they're green they're so much fun
And I can always make 'em smile
Fetch all their sources and compile

Back in the day
There was this project 'round the way
It had no build system per se
But they kept codin', come what may

I asked them, "Please?" they said, "You may."
Their code was tight and that's ok
If they would code I'd be R.E.
And now it runs on build-dot-E

I hope you'll say, "Hey, me and you should try Athe-
na, more to come, but under way!"
We really need a website, eh?
For now slides, code, and the wi-kay

We'll move to Git when it's read-ay
But that won't be before this May
So get yourself a build today
Without the ol' P-D-E dismay

Builds - to do the fetchin'
Builds - do the compilin'
Builds - to do the testin'
Builds - and zipped-up filin'
Builds, that's all I really want is builds
Early adopters they want builds
In next-gen Hudson they want builds
Signed, packed, p2 repos...
Builds, builds, builds, builds, builds!

NOTE: Normally the artist name below links to the video on YouTube, but there's no official one, and everything else I found (school projects, Lego animation, stick figures, slideshows) were either incomplete, incorrect, or potentially NSFW. YMMV.

Beastie Boys - Girls


Denis Roy said...

You never cease to entertain. I'd like to see some Huey Lewis in the future!

nickb said...

I can't hear Huey Lewis w/o thinking of Marty McFly or Patrick Bateman. Any suggestions for theme / song?