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Beyond CVS 0.8 Released!

The Beyond CVS project would like to announce the release of version 0.8.2, which includes the following updates & new or improved features:

  • Support for Beyond Compare 3, including 3-way compares & merges
  • Improved support under Linux, thanks to BC3's native client which no longer requires WINE
  • Improved integration in the Synchronize view
  • More Compare With options (local history, repository history)
  • Repository Folder compares
  • Support for the latest Eclipse 3.4.1 CVS plugins
  • Support for the latest Subversive 0.7.4 SVN plugins
  • Support for the latest Subclipse 1.4.4 SVN plugins


Eugene Kuleshov said...

Out of curiosity, what is wrong with Eclipse comparison editor?

nickb said...

Try Beyond Compare, and you'll never go back.

It's just more feature-rich, supports more file types, allows for comparison of entire trees of files, 3-way compare/merge, provides file/directory metadata (eg., for comparing binary files' sizes/dates), and inline file editing.

I still use the Eclipse compare editor on occasion, but BC3 is better, IMHO.

Mark Melvin said...

Hey Nick - we're addicted to Beyond Compare here as well. Is there any chance you could remove the dependency on the JDT for your plugin? The last time I looked it was literally one or two lines of code that used it (an instanceof in a couple getAdapter calls I think).

I have a locally-hacked copy of an older release that allows our users to install it on a platform-only Eclipse. Being able to install the real version of this very useful plugin would be cool.

nickb said...

Can you submit a patch to Chris?

Mark Melvin said...

I'll have to look at the latest code when I get a moment and create a better patch than the blatant hack I made locally (just ripped out the lines). I'm assuming you're looking for instances of IJavaElement for a reason.. ;)

Chris Callendar said...

Hi Mark,

I've looked into why BCVS depends on JDT, and there is actually no need for it. I just didn't realize it. I'll build a new version and put it online today.


Mark Melvin said...

Schweet! Thanks, guys!

Chris Callendar said...

Okay I've uploaded a new version (0.8.3) to sourceforge that doesn't depend on JDT. Thanks for pointing that out.

This new version also lets you choose which toolbar buttons to hide (e.g. hide the Putty and WinSCP buttons if you never use them).

As always, let me know of any problems and suggestions.