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50,000 Zips

Since turning on Google Analytics for tracking Modeling project zips on September 15, we've gotten over 50,000 pageviews (33,000 unique) of the download tracker. While this doesn't necessarily mean every one of those hits resulted in a download, it certainly shows a lot of interest in downloading EMF, UML2, UML2 Tools, GMF, Query, OCL, and XSD, to name but a few of the more than two dozen Modeling Project components.

Unfortunately, this only scratches the surface -- most of our downloads come from EPP bundles and update sites. But thanks to bug 239668, we will one day be able to track downloads done via p2. If download stats interest you, please vote for bug 239668.


Ed Merks said...

If you look at the download page, the modeling package has 70,000+ downloads since 2.4.1 released last month. And of course EMF is in every JEE package too, though just to help web tools work. I don't think many folks come to get the individual zip files anymore; it's too much work to assemble all the cool things you'd need.