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Savimize? Er, no.

Nearly every I get spam from Rogers or Bell, trying in vain to make me switch to their service. It's in vain because a) I'm already with Rogers, so they're wasting their time trying to get me to sign up for services I already have, and b) I won't go back to Bell because the phone lines (and thus DSL rates) in this neighbourhood are teh suck.

But wast of paper and postage aside, let's contrast the two current promotions they're running, both trying to be clever with language... and failing.

Bell recently unveiled what I like to call its "sucki-er" campaign, with numerous print and billboard ads all including the suffix "-er" in the copy. Better, faster, beaver... you name it, they've gone superlative on it. Why does it suck? Because let's be real. Better is entirely subjective. Faster can be measured, and at least in my part of Toronto, it's not. This campaign makes me long for their now famous beaver campaign, because at least it was creative.

Meanwhile, in response, Rogers has unveiled its "invent a new word" campaign, which I find frankly insulting. If there was another cable provider I could turn to, I'd consider switching just because of this bit of lameness.

Recently Rogers has started telling everyone they're faster (but refuses to release details). Lame. This new campaign? Lamer.


Taylor Taylor said...
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Taylor Taylor said...

SAVIMIZE: A contraction of "SAVagely victIMIZE".

Rogers wants to SAVIMIZE you. :-)

Chris McCaw (MacShill)