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Popular Eclipse Projects

Here's what the Popular Projects box looked like on April 1, 2008. No, this isn't a very belated joke. Note that EMF is in the top slot, with MDT in 4th and 4 other projects who use or depend on at leat one Modeling project. Yay, Team Modeling.

A few months later, Modeling has captured 4th, 6th, and 7th, with 3 projects depending on them -- still 60% of the board using some Modeling! With UML2 3.0 starting up, will MDT move back up?

WTP and PDT continue to dominate in the top 3, just ahead of CDT (whose downloads get shared with Sourceforge due to the success of the Windows-only spin-off project, Wascana). By the way, PDT released a new 2.0 Integration build this week, fixing 48 bugs.

Curiously, the Visual Editor (VE) continues to live on the leaderboard, even though its last official build at was over a year and a half ago. To me that says there's still a lot of community interest in this project. One of these days it'll be up and running again, under Dash's new Common Builder, and maybe get some new committers or contributors to help develop its 1.4 release. Stay tuned.

A wise man once said statistics seldom make you feel better. But they can be fun.


Roy Ganor said...

great review Nick,

Do we have precise results, like percentage for each project?

nickb said...

I doubt percentages would be meaningful -- all you'd get would be a pretty pie chart.

More interesting to me would be relative growth/decline rates over time. So rather than saying (for example), EMF gets 1M downloads a year compared to 200K for VE (I'm making these up), we'd look at EMF's year-over-year trending, or the consistent # of VE downloads every month. There's a tool available to query ad hoc stats, but it's slow (it's a HUGE database!), and currently offline due to server traffic volumes & QoS rules.

You could open a bug to have the actual raw #s shown in the box (or perhaps, more subtly, as <acronym title="subtext">tags</acronym>).