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What's in a name?

Just when I thought I'd seen the end of the misspelled Eclipse coordinated releases, we have a new one: Gynamede.

Past favourites were Calypso & Europe, but this is by far much better, as it lends itself toward some great marketing slogans:

  • Gynamede: packaged & ready for your inspection
  • Gynamede: ultra-sound solutions for your business
  • Gynamede: to pee or p2, that is the question
  • Gynamede: all of the RAP, none of the pap
  • Gynamede: UDC metrics instead of obstetrics
  • Gynamede: come check out our spread!

In related news, now's the time to get your Planning Council reps to settle the name for next year's release, currently being confused with "i/o" and the number 10, a year before it's even out the door! Vote now on bug 235189 for your moon of choice.

Or maybe it's time for something completely moon-free, like one of these?

  • Eclipse XP: eXtreme Packaging / eXtra Participants
  • Eclipse CE: Coordinated Event / Centralized Endeavour / Community Edition
  • Eclipse LTS: Long-Term Support (since 3.5 may well be the last release in the 3.x branch, with 4.0 due the year after)
  • Eclipse Eye (the first half of "Io", and like a moon, a spherical object)


C├ędric said...

Awesome :)

Donald Smith said...

Did you create that eye-Eclipse logo graphic? If so, may I use it under EPL? :)

- Don

nickb said...

Of course!

I composed it from contents on and a Google image search for "eye".

No idea if there are licensing issues -- on a blog it's probably safe under the 'fair use' laws, but to actually use it for a product might require some additional legal work. :)

Mark Melvin said...

Despite the spelling mistake - it was a great post and obviously some effort went into it. Perhaps it would be good to include some sort of sarcasm indicator (do you have a sign, perhaps) for those who may not be able to see your tongue in your cheek? ;o) We wouldn't want to discourage future efforts from non-English speaking individuals...

nickb said...

You're right, and apologies to Suresh if I've offended -- that was not my intent.

My point was simply to look at branding/naming difficulties -- particularly as Eclipse continues to evolve into a global, multilingual brand and more non-English users adopt it as their IDE of choice.

As a lover of language and obsessive-compulsive grammar & spelling nerd (I die a little inside every time I see "its" and "it's" swapped), I made sure that Gnyamede appeared at least 3 times (and thus wasn't just a one-off typo) before I launched into this semi-serious semi-sarcastic post. :)

Do you think tagging posts with a "sarcasm" or "humour" tag would help? Or would something iconic be better, like a modified MPAA or RIAA sticker?

Mark Melvin said...

Well I must admit I had some pretty interesting images flash through my head when I read Suresh's post as well. ;o)

A "humour" tag is a good idea (and I must admit I did not check the tags before commenting) but the modified MPAA/RIAA sticker idea is awesome.