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Beyond Compare 3 Released!

My favourite file/folder compare tool, Beyond Compare, shipped its third release today. What's new?

Well, for one thing there's a fully-supported Linux version (available as .rpm or .deb), which means no more WINE!

There's also 3-way compares/merges, better unicode support, improved recursion & alignment in folder compares, improved text editor, better (S)FTP support, and lots more!

I'm also impressed with Scooter's "upgrade your license without penalty" policy, whereby you can buy the Standard Edition, and later upgrade to Pro Edition for only the difference in price.

Of course the new version still works with the Beyond CVS Eclipse Plug-In, so you can launch BC3 from Eclipse to do file/folder compares as a drop-in replacement for Eclipse's built-in compare engine.


Unknown said...

Use it all the time, great tool.

Doug Gaff said...

I love BC, too. I've been using it for years.