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Windows: A Survival Guide, Part 3

To complete the trilogy of 'Windows for Linux geeks' posts, I wanted to close by talking about WinTabber, which was suggested to me in Part 2. WinTabber is fantastic for grouping Cygwin windows (a la Konsole), or even Windows Explorer windows (a la Konqueror), though there's no way to split windows into left-right panes. For that, it's back to FileAnt or Beyond Compare. Problem solved.

However, grouping other application windows is less than helpful -- for example, grouping Eclipse windows causes the top menu to disappear:

But that's no problem, really. One snag I did run into is that a couple times the ext driver I'm using to read/write my linux partition from Windows left the partition mounted when I shut down so on reboot I had to do a full fsck to recover the journal. Of course having written that, I can't reproduce the effect with either a read or a write. Go figure.


Antoine Toulmé said...

Glad I could help!

nickb said...

Thanks for the great suggestion. By the way, your Blogger profile is unavailable. Do you have a blog?