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Windows: A Survival Guide, Part 2

Back in Windows today (to try out Joost thanks to an invite from Lucas Bigeardel, component lead for EMF Search) so I thought I'd blog a few tips for my continuing survival here.

Out of the box, Pidgin 2.0 uses ESC as the 'close tab' key, which is a pain when you're used to Gaim 1.5's CTRL-W binding. So, to fix that discrepancy, shut down Pidgin, edit the file C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\.purple\accels and change this line:

(gtk_accel_path "<main>/Conversation/Close" "<Control>w")

For more on Pidgin keybindings, see the wiki.

Still have no perfect solution for the absence of Konqueror, but I found two alternatives worth mentioning:

1. Explorer XP: Tabbed file manager; session memory (reload previous tabs on startup), keybindings for all menu items
2. FileAnt: Left-right paned file manager w/ tabs; runs in task tray; session memory; reports disk/memory usage & folder sizes


Antoine Toulmé said...

I did not actually try it, but LifeHacker had a download for the tabbing support.