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Will the real EMF please stand up?

Thanks to the wonder of Google Alerts, I discovered tonight that there's yet another entity/concept going by the moniker EMF. The list now contains software, music, physics... and at least one consulting company that writes about MDD (or is it MDD?) and embedded systems:

... to name but a few.'s whitepaper, entitled What Do You Do When the Horse You’re Riding Drops Dead: Why Model Driven Design is Emerging as a Preferred Best Practice, has some very nice things to say about the world of MDD. While it doesn't actually mention Eclipse or EMF -- presumably to avoid confusing the reader with ambiguous TLAs, it does mention Telelogic's Rhapsody which is built on Eclipse, and speaks highly of UML, stating that organizations using modeling are seven times more likely to make or beat schedules. It also suggests some Dilbert-like solutions to the problem faced when riding a dead horse. Worth a look.


Ian Bull said...

My favorite is "EMFs are Invisible, Dangerous Environmental Toxins" ( :)

nickb said...

Do you think they're trying to demonstrate what an invisible (or at least damn-near illegible), dangerously toxic environment is with their website's colour scheme? I'm all for red & white, and even the ol' red, white and blue... but red text on a blue field? *shudder*

Doug Schaefer said...

And you wouldn't believe how many eclipses happen during Central Daylight Time.