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DRM Packaging for Linux

In order to put .mp3s on my new SE W810i phone as ringtunes, I have to convert them first to .dm files. This is a pain, but it could be worse. So, I found SonyEricsson's DRM Packager, installed it, and it works great. Unfortunately, they only provide this tool for Windows and Mac.

So, naturally, it was time to write a Linux implementation. ;-)

Setting up the DRM Packager for use with Linux is easy. Packaging is faster on a native Windows system (seconds instead of milliseconds), but then you have to actually boot Windows, so overall it's still faster.

I'm currently using the following tools for converting MP3s to ringtunes:

  1. mp3 slicing: kwave sound editor, part of KDE (save as uncompressed .wav files)
  2. mpeg compression: lame or sneetchalizer (.mp3 or .mp4)
  3. DRM packaging: Sony Ericsson's DRM Packager tool -- details below (.dm)
  4. copying files to device: Konqueror, part of KDE (drag and drop from hard drive to usb device)

DRM packaging

  1. Download 'DRM Packager 1.35 - Windows' from Sony Ericsson's site.
  2. Install from Executable (using WINE) to default location, eg: ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Sony Ericsson/DRM Packager/.
  3.   wine ~/DRMPackager-1.35-Windows.exe
  4. If your WINE instance doesn't use z: as the drive for the filesystem root (/), edit and change to s: or whatever your WINE wants.
  5.   rootDir="z:"; # wine directory mapping
  6. Run to convert a single file or recurse through a directory of .mp3 & .mp4 files, in order to generate .dm files. For syntax help, run w/o commandline options or read the source.
  7.   nickb@nickbdesk:~/ringtunes $ ./ tunes
      Processing directory /home/nickb/ringtunes/tunes ...
      Creating /home/nickb/ringtunes/tunes/ ...
      Creating /home/nickb/ringtunes/tunes/ ...
      Creating /home/nickb/ringtunes/tunes/ ...
      Creating /home/nickb/ringtunes/tunes/ ...
  8. If you prefer a GUI, use DRM Packager.desktop to launch the GUI tool using WINE, then browse for files to add to the GUI, and click 'Create DRM Content'. For Sony Ericsson W810i, DO NOT CHANGE THE DEFAULT SETTINGS! You can launch the GUI from the commandline with:
  9.   wine "c:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\DRM Packager\DRMPackagerGUI.exe"
  10. If the GUI won't open, try copying MSVCP60.DLL into the DRM Packager install folder. If you don't have a Windows machine handy to grab this file from, Google for a site like you trust and download it from there.

Tested with:

  • Sony Ericsson W810i phone
  • Sony Ericsson DRMPackager-1.35-Windows.exe
  • WINE 0.9.9-0ubuntu2
  • MEPIS Linux 6.0 (based on Kubuntu 6.06LTS)
  • Windows XP Pro SP2
  • Thinkpad T60p


Anonymous said...

I'm very interested by this topic, because I'm a 100% linux user.
BUT, on my Ubuntu Dapper Drake, wine 0.9.9 doesn't want to work with the DRM Packager programm : on terminal I can read lots of things like that "fixme:win:SetLayeredWindowAttributes (0x10022,0x00ffffff,0,2): stub!" and finally "process tid prio (all id:s are in hex)
00000008 (D) H:\Desktop\DRMPackager-1.35-Windows.exe
0000000b 15 <==
00000009 0"

Could you help me please, it would be so nice.
Best regards, david.

nickb said...

Did you follow all the steps? I run MEPIS 6.0, not Ubuntu -- maybe you're missing some packages? Can you try a newer WINE?