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Mounting Linux LVM drives

Because my Thinkpad X200 has finally, after just under 3 years, decided to give up the ghost via a FAN ERROR and refusal to start (POST beeps & auto-shutdown), I'm now faced with the task of recovering all the data on the drive (about 120G) across multiple partitions.

Here's the drive layout, as per cfdisk:

                                   cfdisk (util-linux-ng 2.17.2)

                                        Disk Drive: /dev/sdb
                                 Size: 160041885696 bytes, 160.0 GB
                       Heads: 255   Sectors per Track: 63   Cylinders: 19457

     Name           Flags         Part Type    FS Type              [Label]            Size (MB)
     sdb1                          Primary     NTFS                 [^B]                26214.44   *
     sdb2           Boot           Primary     Linux ext3                                 209.72   *
                                   Logical     Free Space                                   3.68   *
     sdb5                          Logical     Linux ext3           [HOME]             106043.70   *
     sdb6           NC             Logical     Linux LVM                                20970.48   *
                                   Logical     Free Space                                   1.09   *
     sdb4                          Primary     Compaq diagnostics                        6595.71   *
                                               Unusable                                     0.49   *

So, under a Fedora 13 LiveCD, the /boot (sdb2) and /home (sdb5) partitions automounted, along with the WinXP (sdb1) partition. But the root partition (/, part of sdb6) would not as it's part of a LVM. After a quick burst of googling, I found this solution, which digests down to simply this:

yum install lvm2 -y; # install support for lvm2
pvscan # scan vol groups
vgchange vg_x2lappy -a y # mark your vol group active
lvscan # scan for logical volumes 
mkdir /media/sdb6 # create a mount point
mount /dev/vg_x2lappy/lv_root /media/sdb6/ # mount the lv
cd /media/sdb6/; ls -la # take off every zig!


Dave said...

LVM aside, have you tried pulling out the fan (I admit that I don't know how to do this myself) and checking for giant dust balls? I'm not saying this is the problem, I'm just saying it's always been the source of FAN ERRORs for me in the past.