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Eclipse 'Vote For Pedro' Plugin?

Got this today. No idea why / how. Anyone ever seen this?


Shawn Minto said...

Hi Nick,

This message is actually coming from Tasktop and the word "Campaign" that you see is actually misleading as there is no real notion of a "campaign". This is actually checking for a "Service Message" from to inform the user of a service outage or an important upgrade. If there is a message, it gets displayed in the "Tasktop Home" editor header, but it has not yet been used. We were prompted to implement this due to needing to notify users of important messages about the tool and product. Due to experiences with updates, we also plan to add the same thing to all Mylyn task editors, see:

bug 263528: display a repository service message to warn rich client users of problems

As for the actual problem of why you saw this dialog and the NPE, we believe that it could be a bug in http client, but we are still investigating the problem. We have already implemented a fix to prevent this error from popping up as you have seen and the fix will be available in Wednesday's release of Tasktop.

Shawn Minto
Tasktop Technologies, Inc.