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EclipseCon '09: B.Y.O.B.S.T.E.D

Karl reminded me tonight about a little bonus feature at this year's EclipseCon I hadn't previously heard about:

Bring Your Own Bag, Score Two Extra Drinks.

We are offering a Bring Your Own (Conference) Bag option this year. To save resources and have some fun, please bring a bag from your collection. There will be prizes for unique bags (oldest, from furthest away, etc.), and everyone who brings a bag will receive two extra drink tickets! [1]

This year at #EclipseCon, it's BYOB - bag, that is. Extra drink tix if you bring ur own bag from past shows. Best recycled ones get a prize. [2]

Is there anything better than free (as in beer)? BYOB and find out!


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

There's part of me that thinks that this contest is unfair because all the Smalltalk curmudgeons in the Eclipse community have all that Smalltalk related paraphernalia ;)