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Eclipse Death Rock Groups: Live!

So tonight I'm listening to a track by the Gothsicles called "Mix This Song Into A23's Maps of Reality" (skip to 14:11) and surfing the planet, when I stumble upon Doug's Awesome Lyric Challenge (tm).

While I prefer to take on more popular songs as I feel knowing the tune helps to give the parodied lyrics better flow, I'm never one to pass up a chance to rip some song a new one and make light of some squabble or conflict. (I've got a few thrash songs I've been wanting to try, but I've never thought to attempt something like speed/death/dark metal.)

Anyway, it seems that the members of ECLIPSE have beaten me to the punch, as their song Mirror (copied verbatim) clearly foreshadowed the the whole e4 imbroglio as early as 2001:

Nesting in the farthest places of the planet
I saw people's disputes
Dirty, wandering from place to place
Anger and hatred walking in pairs
Giving oneself away to lustful kisses
And love - full of fear, grey and sad
Was hidden in the middle of it all... somewhere deep
And I brought out the sword of truth
I wanted to disperse the darkness

So, Doug, here's MY challenge. Get one of these 15 bands called Eclipse to headline (or keynote?) at next year's EclipseCON.

In other news, kudos to the webmasters for their plan to provide Standardized Rock Groups. Too long have we had a Mötley Crüe. Here's to their plan going Supernova -- in a good way, that is. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Oh, and because it's under a week away, I guess I should mention once again that I'm speaking at EclipseCON on Monday and Tuesday.

, eh?

If you're interested in running, testing, or publishing builds, generating releases notes, Bugzilla, CVS, or anything in between, please drop by and have a listen. For the tutorial, please make sure you've got Eclipse 3.4M5 and EMF 2.4M5 installed and running with JDK 5.0 or later.


Doug Gaff said...

You're on! I'll get them to show up, but only if you perform one of your songs.