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Beer-to-Peer Networking, Part 1

The following is an experiment in B2P networking, and an attempt to implement a cross-province UUBP transfer. (Aside: I had considered a cross-country experiment too, eg., Toronto to Porland, but I'm not sure how to implement such an idea, especially given the ever-tighter security policies at the US-Canada border. Any suggestions?)

I'd also like to say upfront that this experiment should not be construed as an irresponsible attempt to encourage others to mix beer (or any form of alcohol, really) w/ software development. Drinking and coding can lead to serious problems. Please, B2P responsibly.

While I realize I'm deviating from the spec, I've decided to implement using a more MDD-based approach, in that the message I plan to send via UUBP will not be an actual beer, but rather a model of a beer, which can then be extrapolated and ingested (and later digested!) at the receiving end.

Raw materials can be acquired from your nearest Beer Store and your office's mail room.

Required Materials

Next, the message is encapsulated for security using the "gift envelope" technique, which I presume won't cause licensing headaches or adoption problems as this technique is already widely used in the public domain.

Assembling the Inner Packet

Completed Inner Packet

Now, a second layer of encapsulation is required to ensure the packet can be properly delivered to its intended audience. While there is no real protection of malicious packet sniffing, this at least ensures that the casual observer won't want to intercept the packet. The procedure is very similar to the above, and so will be lest as an exercise for the reader.

With the completed packet, it was time to attempt delivery. The UUBP spec says nothing about transport methods, so I'll first try a web-based approach:

First Delivery Attempt

Unfortunately, even with a 20" monitor, the packet is too large to be sent via the web:

Delivery Attempt Failure

After this initial setback, it was decided to try a more conventional delivery mechanism. This Canada Post node will be employed to transfer the completed packet to its destination.

Second Delivery Attempt: Success!

The UUBP packet is now in transit via the B2P network. With any luck, its recipient will receive it in a couple of days and take some shots, er, photos to complete Part 2.

UPDATE: See Part 2.


Denis Roy said...


Yup, we're definitely running the latest uubp daemon here in the Ottawa office.

Don't worry about the cross-country uubp - the Foundation Portland and Ottawa offices are connected with a VPN (Verified Pilsner Notification) so we'll make sure the parties in Portland get the B2P message.

Philippe said...

You guys should enjoy this Eclipse RCP-based application that enables B2B (Beer2Beer) semantic web sharing: