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How'd you get your Notes email address?

From the 'answered too many times to count' department:

So, why codeslave in the first place?

I used to be nboldt... until I found a badly-documented feature in Lotus Notes (circa 6.0 or 6.5, I think) that lets you request a new shortname - that is, to change from to I think the reason for its being there was so that when women got married they could change their shortname to match their new lastname, eg. jsmith -> jjones.

So I became codeslave. I've also seen fivetwelve, zx and mo.

If you're using Lotus Notes 7.0b3 (aka NUL, or Notes Under Linux, though I always picture Nibbles from the show ReBoot when I think of NUL), this feature is still available. Sorta.

  File > Security > User Security
      > Your Identity > Your Names > [Name Changes...]

  To change your names, you should contact ________________ [Send Mail]

Oddly enough, the window says "You can request changes to your Notes user name, alternate name, and aliases," but if you click Send Mail, it only prompts for the new name, not the shortname... and while there's a handy li'l tool for sending a prefilled email...

  Please change my name to 'Nick Boldt'.  My ID containing the 
  new name is attached in case it is needed.

... it doesn't provide the name of the admin to send it to in the To: field. ;-)